Jul 17, 2010

Yet Again: Indo – Pak talks collapse

"But even more shocking to me is the fact that we have agreed to resume talks with our western neighbours. How many times do we need to be stabbed in the back to realise that it is futile to talk to Pakistan. Much as I would have liked to believe, there cannot be an 'Aman ki Asha.". 
                                                                         - Excerpted from earlier post Post Hiatus
This time though, it is not only a breach of etiquette, breach of diplomatic propriety,.......it is downright rude and a personal insult to SM Krishna, and thereby to the entire Indian establishment. The kind of comments that Mr Qureshi, who seems not to have heard of the word hospitality, made while his Indian counterpart was still on Pakistani soil, is nothing short of shocking. Was this a part of the script? Of course. It has always been Pakistan's design to thwart any and every Indian initiative towards improving relations...................Shimla accord, Lahore Bus Yatra, Agra summit.................. Peace with Pakistan has been given a shot by almost every prime minister -- and I don't think anyone walked extra miles for this than Vajpayee; all attempts however failed not because they lacked conviction but because the efforts were not reciprocated with same commitment from the other side. The humiliation of its dismemberment in 1971, is not to heal easily. And that lies at the bottom of the Pakistani psyche.
So, what next? Is there a way forward in Indo – Pak relations? Of course not. The Hindu in its editorial suggests, "Engagement must go forward". How can anyone suggest something like this, particularly after yesterday's humiliation? When are we going to learn our lessons?
Pakistan is a rogue state, as I have argued in an earlier post, and needs to be treated as such. It needs to be ostracised by the international community, being the fountainhead of terror in the world. And being the worst affected, we must lead the way.
Peace with Pakistan is a good thought and a great idea. Indians and Pakistanis can be friends, but India and Pakistan can never be friends.


  1. Hypocrisy of 'TheHindu' amounts to psuedo-intellectual high handedness which should not be tolerated. Those enamoured with Pakistan, or rather Talibanistan, should move their base to that place immediately. As for our leaders, they have balls of goo. The last of the heroes that our country saw were probably Bose and Patel. I have a feeling though, The brothers,Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi also were a lot better than the jesters that we have today. Unfortunately, the Indian state is in tatters today because of the headless chickens" running the nation.

  2. there is a saying " kutte ki punch 12 saal gadde mein rahi to bhi siddhi nahi hui"
    how can we expect Pakistan to change ????????

  3. @Umashankar
    The few level headed leaders are so outnumbered by the 'jesters' as you call them and by constraints imposed by coalition politics that we cannot hope for anything but populist measures aka votebank politics from them.
    Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for visiting.


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