Jan 14, 2015


       They just don't get it do they ! with every such attack(Charlie Hebdo), Muslims are getting more and more alienated, Islam is getting branded as a religion of fanatics .... leading to further resentment ....... more attacks ...... and the 'vicious circle' continues. Every such attack is bound to back fire against them, leaving innocent, law abiding and responsible Muslims feeling victimised in the aftermath.  There is a need for the fundamentalists to deliberate on the effects of attacks like Sep 11 and Nov 26(Mumbai), France etc on the well being of Muslims in the free, flat world? Osama bin Laden did the greatest disservice to all Muslims by perpetrating the 9/11 attacks. Never again can a Khan, Hussein, Bilal, Ahmed ……………or for that matter anybody with a Muslim sounding name travel to another country, especially a non Islamic one without arousing suspicion. (Remember Kamal Hassan being mistaken for an Arab while on a visit to the US?)
       The editors of Charlie Hebdo surely did not single out The Prophet Mohammed for special treatment, but this fact seems lost on the fundamentalists and fanatics resulting in the attack .....      Rather than getting cowed down by the dastardly attack, the magazine has now come out with the latest issue with the Prophet on the cover. Besides, the entire world has shown solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and the cause of freedom of expression. Will the latest issue cause further resentment .......... another attack ??
       Allah forbid ! 
But for religion, the world would have been a much better place to live in.