Apr 7, 2010

The Reds Declare War

The warning signs were all too clear. Resolve of the central Govt could scarcely be doubted, but they were slow to heed the warnings and the states dithered on the use of overwhelming force while dealing with Red Terror. Yesterday's massacre is an open declaration of War. As has been pointed out in some of the earlier posts on this blog, time for the menace to be nipped in the bud is long gone. Brute Force is required, and it is now or never. Do we want, or can we afford long drawn counter Maoist operations which carry on for decades, like counter insurgency in Kashmir and the North Eastern states?

What is most painful to see is the so called National debate on prime time television on whether yesterday's massacre was justified and what hereafter. Should this be even open to debate? It is appalling to see learned and prominent personalities, still espousing the cause of Maoists.

Maoist sympathisers should all be sent to Cuba, to take a look at ground realities in a Communist state. The very concept failed with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. How then can a modern and progressive democracy like ours even allow left parties to flourish? They must be banned and their assets frozen. It is with their covert support, that the Naxalites could amass the kind of firepower which has now enabled them to hold the state to ransom.

Most sincere condolences to the families of the deceased in yesterday's tragedy.

Photo : Courtesy bbc.com

Apr 3, 2010

Shoaib’s TeleNikaah n Sania’s pre Nuptial Blues

Since the all pervasive media onslaught, that threatens to deprive all celebrities of their privacy we have seen so many bizarre pieces of news. But this one has to be out there at the very top of the Most Weird list :

Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza's fiancé is alleged to have got married to an Indian girl on Telephone.

Have you ever heard of a more ingenuous use of this device?

A Hyderabadi couple has sent Shoaib a legal notice. But which court would try Shoaib? Indian or Pakistani. Trial in an Indian court would necessitate extradition from Pakistan and an Indian couple from Hyderabad can't file a suit in Pakistan. So what is the legal notice in aid of? Publicity?

Photo courtesy : anitparmar.com