Apr 3, 2010

Shoaib’s TeleNikaah n Sania’s pre Nuptial Blues

Since the all pervasive media onslaught, that threatens to deprive all celebrities of their privacy we have seen so many bizarre pieces of news. But this one has to be out there at the very top of the Most Weird list :

Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza's fiancé is alleged to have got married to an Indian girl on Telephone.

Have you ever heard of a more ingenuous use of this device?

A Hyderabadi couple has sent Shoaib a legal notice. But which court would try Shoaib? Indian or Pakistani. Trial in an Indian court would necessitate extradition from Pakistan and an Indian couple from Hyderabad can't file a suit in Pakistan. So what is the legal notice in aid of? Publicity?

Photo courtesy : anitparmar.com


  1. These are apocalyptic times and human race is an enlightened lot. Your disbelief over telephonic marriages is out of place and time! Apparently, One can have much more than that over a telephone: allow me leave that to imagination!

    On a darker note, extraditing Shoaib in exchange of Azmal Kasab wouldn't be a bad idea!

  2. @Umashankar
    An ideal wedding format for recessionary times. No Baraat, no Baraatis......and all that goes with the same. Hardly any witnesses........in case things dont work out. Great!


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