Apr 7, 2010

The Reds Declare War

The warning signs were all too clear. Resolve of the central Govt could scarcely be doubted, but they were slow to heed the warnings and the states dithered on the use of overwhelming force while dealing with Red Terror. Yesterday's massacre is an open declaration of War. As has been pointed out in some of the earlier posts on this blog, time for the menace to be nipped in the bud is long gone. Brute Force is required, and it is now or never. Do we want, or can we afford long drawn counter Maoist operations which carry on for decades, like counter insurgency in Kashmir and the North Eastern states?

What is most painful to see is the so called National debate on prime time television on whether yesterday's massacre was justified and what hereafter. Should this be even open to debate? It is appalling to see learned and prominent personalities, still espousing the cause of Maoists.

Maoist sympathisers should all be sent to Cuba, to take a look at ground realities in a Communist state. The very concept failed with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. How then can a modern and progressive democracy like ours even allow left parties to flourish? They must be banned and their assets frozen. It is with their covert support, that the Naxalites could amass the kind of firepower which has now enabled them to hold the state to ransom.

Most sincere condolences to the families of the deceased in yesterday's tragedy.

Photo : Courtesy bbc.com


  1. The Maoist are a new breed of Robin Hood who kill the poor to glorify themselves. They have not only been blocking the development of the infested regions but preparing them for certain socio-financial deaths which they will feed upon like maggots. They will eventually die their own deaths that come naturally to their kind, but not before they would have pushed our poor country back by a century or so.

  2. more often than not, every popular movement(yes , considering the population of the maoists and their sympathisers(willing or by compulsion) vis-a-vis fortunate people like us who constitute a sizable ,reasonably well off minority sitting and judging them) ,has in it's core an amount of absolute truth,of, extreme poverty and deprivation, suitably misused and exploited for benefit ,again of a sizable minority(now it's the maoists who have taken to arms since it gives them a living which they fear will be lost ,in case they allow the Govt to undertake any development(i have doubts about the sincerity of Govt's intention,though). so we have a perfect catch 22 like situation waiting to explode any moment.the question is not whether what the maoists are doing is right or not(even if viewed in light of failed communist regimes,in fact ,communism, by definition ,is an utopium of a concept and therefore doomed to fail), but , in a local/ global scenario of have and have not's dominated by economic prosperity and terrorism at it's extremes,WHAT KIND OF OPTIONS DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE?believe in a govt that did little in 60 years?so what's the solution?pulverise them by using FAEs,a la US army?wait for a military defeat of the maoist by the LIC option for donkey's years?clearly, we require more good leaders(not politicians alone) like Chidambaram in our kitty before we as a nation can pull it off, or , sadly, we will have to witness more of blood and sweat--------.

  3. @umashankar
    I could not agree with u more. Thanks for visiting.
    More blood and sweat is a given. However to minimize the same, as i already said, time to nip the problem in the bud is long past, brute force is the only way, as u put it,"pulverise them by using FAEs,a la US army". You have already counted the other, not so appealing options. Being poor and deprived, does not give anybody a right to take up arms. Neglect and underdevelopment of tribal areas is not something that can be turned around in a few years, it will take decades, if the govt is serious, which i doubt too, but more importantly, if the Maoists will allow development.


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