Jun 26, 2010

Post Hiatus

After a longish hiatus I am back to blogging times. A lot of water has flown into the Indian Ocean from our rivers and a lot has happened in the country. Of which there has been hardly anything to cheer about, but a lot of bad news...................... from IPLgate, Dantewada ............ Gyaneshwari Express, the Bhopal verdict................

The Bhopal verdict! Was it shocking? Mr Anderson got away! What a shame. But why the hullaballoo now? Has the fact that Mr Anderson is safely tucked away in some small town in the US for the last 25 years, suddenly come to light? Has the fact that the charges were diluted, not been known for decades? Why the hullaballoo now?

Yes, there is news of some new evidence, of the then Govt's connivance to facilitate the Gora Saab's flight across seven seas, never to return. Sadly, it is difficult to believe that all this could have happened, without the then PM(Mr Clean?) being in the know of things. Arjun Singh and the rest of them were too small a fry to have done so much on their own, given the magnitude of the calamity that was Bhopal. Now the ludicrous face saving farce of a drama to suggest that the case against the accused is not yet closed and the extradition of the butcher of Bhopal not a closed chapter. Another agonising wait of decades(??) for the Group of Incompetent Ministers to suggest some concrete steps ........................ at least till the time the octogenarian Mr Anderson departs for his heavenly abode. Sorry, but unfortunately, there is no extradition treaty with the celestial kingdom of Hell to get Mr Anderson back to India to stand trial. Too bad!!!!

But even more shocking to me is the fact that we have agreed to resume talks with our western neighbours. How many times do we need to be stabbed in the back to realise that it is futile to talk to Pakistan. Much as I would have liked to believe, there cannot be an 'Aman ki Asha'. Ostracising all countries that sponsor terrorism is the only way. Being next door neighbours and the worst affected, ought we not to lead the way in severing all ties with rogue states like Pakistan?

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