Nov 19, 2010

The Invisible PM

In living memory, it is difficult to recall a Prime Minister so conspicuous by his lack of visibility. In a couple of my earlier posts, I did mention that Mr Manmohan Singh needs to wake up ………………… Read Here.
Can the PM afford to stay invisible and silent and be seen only in the company of foreign dignitaries? Or, at the behest of the Party leadership make election speeches in states which are about to go to polls?  On a lighter note, for those who suffer from ‘insomnia’, Manmohan Singh’s rallies are the place to be.
In a democracy, a PM cannot always take decisions on important policy matters, as there is a constitutional process in place which cannot be short circuited. The least that can be expected of the PM is to keep his cabinet, top bureaucracy and top military leadership above reproach. Isn’t it strange that a PM who commands so much respect, and has a reputation of being Mr Clean chooses to look the other way while his ministers are busy siphoning off taxpayer’s money from right under his nose? With a new scam or scandal tumbling out of some or the other closet, every other week, not only are media channels and opposition parties having a field day, even individual citizens are attacking the integrity of the PM’s Office(PMO) and getting the judiciary to give a rap to the highest office in the country too.
Today we had Mr Subramanian Swamy accusing the Prime Minister’s Office of the following:-
·         Lying. While PMO claims Mr swamy’s letters have been replied to, Mr Swamy claims to have received only the acknowledgements.
·         Of Illegal conduct, in forwarding Mr Swami’s petition to Mr Raja, the accused against whom prosecution was sought.
·         And of course, the BIG QUESTION – What was the PM doing for eleven months?
Never has the office of the Prime Minister been under direct fire and scrutiny of the Supreme Court, Media, entire opposition……….. all at once, so much so, that the very office of the PM is under a cloud of suspicion. Did he let compulsions of coalition politics get the better of his judgement …………. or should we say, the judgement of the party high command took precedence over objective and timely decision making?
Mr Manmohan Singh was allegedly chosen by Sonia Gandhi as the PM to be her stooge, but surely, he must have some self respect. When are we going to hear from him? How long can he keep hiding behind his spokespersons ………… Manish Tewari and gang?
It took more than a few years for the PM(or was it Sonia) to give Mr Raja the boot, how long does Mr Kalmadi have as the chairman of IOA?
A very interesting poll in Times of India points out (at the time of publishing this post) that the PM is culpable in the 2G spectrum scam by an overwhelming 91 to 9 percent. Access it here.
While ‘Rome was burning, Nero was fiddling’, Is Mr Singh sleeping?

Nov 14, 2010

Adarsh: Really for Kargil Martyrs?

I got this piece as an email forward from a friend. I can not vouch for its veracity, but it does sound credible. Only question that comes to mind is, “Why the Armed Forces or the Ministry of Defense do not refute the claims made by the media?”

 The media has misled us on the Adarsh scam.
Carl H. Gomes
Now that the dust has settled and the stench (from the shit that hit the fan) has blown away, we can perhaps look at the Adarsh scam a little dispassionately. The media (both print and electronic) really went to town on this because there is nothing that the media loves better than to tear a persons reputation to shreds and the truth be damned. If Armed Forces officers are involved, the ferocity of the attack is worse because they can in addition sully the uniform and the institution, since the politician and the bureaucrat are impervious. And as they say, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall!”
The „housing for widows of the “martyrs” of Kargil is a media creation because the scheme was never meant for them nor was the plot reserved in their name. No government, however magnanimous, would have allotted such a prohibitively expensive plot in a prime location to Kargil heroes or their widows. A more likely place would have been in the satellite town of Navi Mumbai, or in Nagpur or Nasik, where land is available aplenty. The project was never promoted as a housing project for the „widows of Kargil; but the Kargil conflict itself was used as a ploy to get the land transferred to the society with the active connivance of the Defence Estate Officers, one of who became a promoter. Because of its location on the boundary of defence land and was in the physical possession of the Army, it had no commercial potential for a civilian project. It was the brain child of Maj Gen AR Kumar, Area Cdr/GOC (1999-2000), when the Kargil war was in progress and his deputy Brig TK Kaul. Subsequently all Area Cdrs and Sub-area Cdrs from 2000 to 2010 have been allotted flats in the building as a quid pro quo apparently to buy their silence. The Navy had no role to play in giving clearances at that time but top naval brass were offered flats all the same as one of the promoters was a naval officer. They were probably offered the “right of first refusal” but refused to refuse the offer. The other lower ranked officers (including a Petty Officer) either got it courtesy of one or other of the promoters or they just got lucky. No one looks a gift horse in the mouth!
The Adarsh plot is not located in far away Yeotmal or Aurangabad but in tony South Bombay (So Bo, as it is called) where property prices are the highest in the world and there is little vacant land left. It is just a stones throw away from and in full view of the headquarters of the Maharashtra government, “Mantralaya”, the BMC Headquarters and the Headquarters of the GOC, M&G Area. The building did not come up surreptitiously but grew in stature under the benign gaze of the worthies who occupy these hallowed premises and had their blessings.
The problems really started when the Revenue Minister (now Chief Minister) Ashok Chavan demanded 40% of the flats for civilians (read politicians and bureaucrats). A modest housing project of 6 floors slowly expanded to 31 floors to accommodate the swelling demand from these big wigs who high jacked the project and colluded with the builder to break every rule in the statute book with impunity. The building is a monument to deceit to all the people of Maharashtra/Mumbai/India and not just the Kargil heroes/widows, most of whom have already got houses in New Delhi in the Dwarka project. This project never had any link to 'war veterans and/or widows of Kargil' who were the invisible pawns in the game. We have only been compelled by the media to think that way. In fact, membership was restricted to Maharashtrians and those who could prove domicile in Maharashtra – so much so even the two former Army Chiefs did not just walk in – they had to get exemption from the highest levels of the government, even though this is not a government project.
Let us consider the following:
·         This is India, the country where the Armed Forces are just 'use and throw commodities like “curry patha”. This is Maharashtra which is one of the few states that does not have any sympathy or respect for the Armed Forces – the only state that charges the maximum taxes on goods sold through the CSD, including liquor. This is Mumbai which is the only city that does not exempt Armed Forces veterans from paying property tax on their houses even if it is „self-occupied.
·         The Govt could have selected a location where the land is cheaper and available in abundance like Navi Mumbai or also in places to which most of such heroes and widows would have belonged. It is hard to imagine a farmer from Haryana or a villager from Bihar wanting to stay in a tony area with the Ambanis as their neighbours – the Ambani residence SEAWIND is just next door.
·         The plot had CRZ restrictions due to which only a six-storied building could be officially built; thus, with 3 to 4 flats per floor, maximum 20 three bedroom flats - OR - not more than 30 two bed-room flats. would have come up
·         This is a self financed scheme – not free houses. Their life-time savings (even if those martyrs had been alive) could not have enabled them to dream of possessing a house at the above location. The cost of land alone is in excess of Rs 60,000/- per sq. ft.
·         Heroes and widows of Kargil war number more than one thousand. Most of them have already been allotted flats in Dwarka in Delhi or in their own home states – and hence have no need for a second home. Besides, it is unthinkable that the Army would think of a welfare activity which could benefit just a small fraction of deserving personnel.
·         The Navy did not participate in the Kargil conflict yet there are several naval personnel amongst the members. The Air Force did participate but not one AF person is a member.
·         Security clearance from the Navy became an issue only in 2009 after the Navy was made responsible for coastal security in the wake of the 26/11 terrorist strike on Mumbai. The spot where the terrorists landed is only a few hundred metres up the road from Adarsh on Cuffe Parade. That is how the Navy raised a flag; but by that time the building was almost complete.

This was a scandal that was waiting to happen – it is neither the first, nor is it the last in an unending series of such scams that have dotted the Maharashtra landscape. Because of its location, Adarsh is very visible but it is just the tip of the iceberg; what of the innumerable Adarshes across the country which is driven by the greed of the rapacious builder-politician- bureaucrat nexus? The armed forces personnel, serving and retired are guilty by association and of impropriety and collusion. They will definitely face justice of one kind or another but will the politician and the bureaucrat be touched? We have seen what happens to them post 26/11.
55% of Mumbais population of 15 million live in slums or on the streets while 13 % live in ownership flats. 70% of the rest live in one-room tenements, some of which are crumbling. In a scenario of such abject deprivation, Adarsh is a monument of shame. Let us not drag the names of Kargil heroes into this filth even by association, which the media (Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai) insists on doing. I cannot ask retired officers to stop appearing on TV talk shows, but I wish they would because they make asses of themselves.
- Carl H. Gomes.