Nov 19, 2010

The Invisible PM

In living memory, it is difficult to recall a Prime Minister so conspicuous by his lack of visibility. In a couple of my earlier posts, I did mention that Mr Manmohan Singh needs to wake up ………………… Read Here.
Can the PM afford to stay invisible and silent and be seen only in the company of foreign dignitaries? Or, at the behest of the Party leadership make election speeches in states which are about to go to polls?  On a lighter note, for those who suffer from ‘insomnia’, Manmohan Singh’s rallies are the place to be.
In a democracy, a PM cannot always take decisions on important policy matters, as there is a constitutional process in place which cannot be short circuited. The least that can be expected of the PM is to keep his cabinet, top bureaucracy and top military leadership above reproach. Isn’t it strange that a PM who commands so much respect, and has a reputation of being Mr Clean chooses to look the other way while his ministers are busy siphoning off taxpayer’s money from right under his nose? With a new scam or scandal tumbling out of some or the other closet, every other week, not only are media channels and opposition parties having a field day, even individual citizens are attacking the integrity of the PM’s Office(PMO) and getting the judiciary to give a rap to the highest office in the country too.
Today we had Mr Subramanian Swamy accusing the Prime Minister’s Office of the following:-
·         Lying. While PMO claims Mr swamy’s letters have been replied to, Mr Swamy claims to have received only the acknowledgements.
·         Of Illegal conduct, in forwarding Mr Swami’s petition to Mr Raja, the accused against whom prosecution was sought.
·         And of course, the BIG QUESTION – What was the PM doing for eleven months?
Never has the office of the Prime Minister been under direct fire and scrutiny of the Supreme Court, Media, entire opposition……….. all at once, so much so, that the very office of the PM is under a cloud of suspicion. Did he let compulsions of coalition politics get the better of his judgement …………. or should we say, the judgement of the party high command took precedence over objective and timely decision making?
Mr Manmohan Singh was allegedly chosen by Sonia Gandhi as the PM to be her stooge, but surely, he must have some self respect. When are we going to hear from him? How long can he keep hiding behind his spokespersons ………… Manish Tewari and gang?
It took more than a few years for the PM(or was it Sonia) to give Mr Raja the boot, how long does Mr Kalmadi have as the chairman of IOA?
A very interesting poll in Times of India points out (at the time of publishing this post) that the PM is culpable in the 2G spectrum scam by an overwhelming 91 to 9 percent. Access it here.
While ‘Rome was burning, Nero was fiddling’, Is Mr Singh sleeping?


  1. Mr Manmohan Singh reminds of the pale, sad creatures soaked in small jars of formaldehyde in my biology class. Its a wonder he even speaks. He makes me sick, nonetheless. His spokespersons make me thoroughly sick. His party is driving this country to an untimely death.

  2. @Umashankar
    So true. Only problem is that the other parties are probably no better. The voter has to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  3. O, let it be the deep blue sea then: a watery burial to a country that was India, thanks to our politicians.

  4. I really wonder what all he can really do?And I really do not know.easier to call him some name.people in blue collars like me find it easy to comment on politicians in queen's english after reading times of india and seeing barkha dutt and arnab goswami on TV.for starters , 90% of the public do not either read or watch these channels.mind you, the politicians cater to these 90% onlyso, in a democracy , who matters?the people who can and will only comment or THE PEOPLE?????and that is why those who cater to THE PEOPLE always have the last laugh and all we get to do is see the times of india getting heavier(good for 'raddi' later, of course)and watch barkha dutt(or do we, after RADIIA tapes??)and her species?


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