Mar 29, 2010

Death of an Ideology

Kanu Sanyal, one of the troika of leaders who founded the Naxalite movement, committed suicide recently purportedly due to disenchantment with Maoist violence that has gripped West Bengal and large parts of India. All leftist movements start out with lofty ideals of an egalitarian society, but end up in hypocrisy, greed, corruption self service................ Why?

What these movements ignore, is the fact that humans by nature are lazy, greedy and selfish. Most human inventions beginning with the wheel are by products of human laziness. The only person comes to mind who was above greed and ambition was 'Gautam Buddha'. Even Mother Teresa and the mission she founded, "Sisters of Charity" have an ulterior motive......... 'Spread of Christianity'. Whereas leftist ideology seeks to make a kind of human being which is not driven by ambition. This goes against the very grain of human nature and is bound to fail. This fact has been aptly validated by the collapse of the Communist bloc in the nineties. Why, one might ask, if it was bound to fail, did it survive till the nineties? Only because of tyrannical and despotic dictators at the helm beginning with Stalin.

Maoists in India aim to overthrow the Indian Govt by 2050. What audaciousness? Now that they have tasted Power(that flows from the barrel of the gun) and easy extortion money which brings with it luxuries that poverty stricken peasants could only dream about, surely ideals of a Utopian society have taken a back seat. Now, "it's all about money and power". Alas the rustic folks that make up the ranks of Maoists are too naive to see through the deceit.

Surely development is required in the Moist infested belts, and hopefully the string of attacks by Maoists would prompt the powers that be into action. But it is a slow process. In the meantime the monster of Maoism needs to be crushed by brute force. Is Operation Green Hunt potent enough or will it be a repeat of LTTE vs Sri Lanka Army?

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