Mar 23, 2010

Maoist Menace

A blast on the rail track near Gaya in Bihar almost ended up in a disaster, when seven coaches of the Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani express derailed 22 Mar. Media furore was limited only because there were no casualties. Had there been some, all TV channels would have been vying with each other to find faults in our governance with a slew of experts from treasury and opposition benches trading charges against each other.

The vast expanse of our rail tracks, prevents railway authorities from patrolling the tracks or carrying out inspections frequently enough to prevent sabotage altogether. There have been numerous such incidents over the past six months. But fortunately no serious damage to life or property has occurred. It is however, only a matter of time, before some calamity befalls, Indian railways which would jolt Govt agencies out of their slumber and force them to take serious prophylactic measures to prevent such acts by Maoists. It is a tall order, tackling Maoists as has been shown by Maoists in Nepal. Unless some concretes steps are taken right away, we are likely to get embroiled in the most serious internal security challenge in History. More we delay, the more difficult it is going to get. Are Ms Mamata Banerjee and Mr P Chidambaram up to the challenge?

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  1. statistics say that we lose more Indians to internal terror attacks than the external kind...we need to find permanent answers

  2. @Nalini
    Quite True. thanx for visiting.

  3. dear sk, the only hope lies in the fact that ,after long we do have a home minister who appears to be genuinely doing his job.otherwise the 'chalta hai' attitude that we all excel in will lead us to another insurgency like situation in the indian hinterland, notwithstanding that our plate is already overflowing with J&K and Northeast already messed up!!!!.

  4. @Bhatta
    Yes, i did admit as much in one of my earlier posts. with every passing day, Maoists are getting bolder. Where n when is it going to end? Thanks for your comments and keep visiting.

  5. The dirty vote bank politics has permanently frozen the arms of those who are in power, as also, those who are in the queue. Sadly, the fulcrum is about to tip seriously and rather irrevocably in favour of the anarchists.

  6. @umashankar
    I hope and pray not, though am inclined to agree with you. At times i do feel a dictatorship in India for some time would be better, notwithstanding its ills. at least it would keep the vote bank politics at bay.


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