Jul 25, 2010


This was a question asked by Mr Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the congress spokesman in response to Amit Shah's allegation that CBI had fabricated charges against him.
"Do you think CBI is full of bunch of fools who will risk their entire career by making false allegations, non-existing allegations which are going to be examined by the Supreme Court?" 
While in this particular case, CBI may or may not have acted like fools, but otherwise................................... they are not called the 'Cases Burial Institution' for no reason. Have they ever been able to convict anybody who is a somebody?
Wait and watch this case drag for years and finally Mr Shah getting acquitted.


  1. We are at fault for allowing CBI to become a bundle of fools. Wish it was a more responsible institution which was fearless in giving its judgment rather than become a puppet at the hands of powerful and politicians.

  2. I hope he is not acquitted - (unless he is really proven innocent). Some good examples are needed to make people trust and hope for justice.

  3. Of course not a bunch of fools. Hence this shameless intriguing agency has given a clean chit to Tytler. Only Opposition Parties and the people are fools. This amn puckers his face the way it shows that he is devoid of any scrupples. Hence he could advise DOW that it has no moral obligation toward the Bhopal victims. This man is truly shameless and befits in the Congress Party.

  4. Headlines in Hindustan Times - Amit Shah sauntered into custody today. He does look unconcerned - like he knows nobody can really touch him. I hope he is in for a surprise.


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