Jul 7, 2010

The Govt Fiddling?

How long are we to succumb to Maoist pressure? The frequent call for Bandh by Maoists is taking a toll on lives of ordinary citizens yet again, not to mention the Bandh by opposition parties. Seven trains have been cancelled or diverted in Jharkhand today. This is the third Bandh called by Maoists within a month. Another Bandh has already been called on 13 – 14 Jul.

It has been a few months now, since the brutal and barbaric Dantewada massacre. And in the meanwhile, another massacre in Chattisgarh recently has been apparently unable to shake the Govt out of its slumber. It seems to be taking them forever to decide how to tackle the menace(to use Army or not, to use Air power or not). The state machinery is not showing any signs whatsoever of cracking down on the Red Brigade. As brought out earlier on this blog, the Maoists are nothing but a bunch of self serving rogues. The Maoist struggle if it can be called that, is not against the Govt's apathy towards development in tribal areas or any other conceived injustice towards them any more. It is all about, extortion, power and money. No development is possible in Maoist infested areas, as such efforts are thwarted by the Maoists themselves. They gobble up the lion's share of funds allotted through extortion from govt officials and contractors.

Time is running out for us. If the problem is not dealt with an Iron hand immediately, a Sri Lanka like situation is imminent where the LTTE had built a state within a state. Maoists in India unfortunately are not confined to a contiguous portion of the country which can be blockaded, surrounded and attacked. It is gong to be much more difficult for us. In fact, it already is. Maoists are holding the state to ransom with impunity at will as and when they want. While the country is burning, is the Govt fiddling?.

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