Feb 12, 2010


Photo : A Shiv Sena party activist vandalises a poster of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's new film "My Name is Khan" in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Mumbai, last week, has been a battle zone. Shiv Sena vs Govt of Maharashtra. First round seems to have gone to the Sena. Chief Minister Chavan with moral support of the congress led govt in the centre, decided to take the Sena by the horns this time. However, the bull turned out to be stronger than expected. What must come as a moral victory for the Sena, theatre owners succumbed to fear from the Sena rather than rely on the state for protection and decided against screening of the much talked about offering from Karan Johar, 'My name is Khan'. And that, despite the Mumbai Police having rounded up and detained Sena goons in thousands as a prophylactic measure. Understandably so, one would imagine, as Mr Chavan was going around arresting small time Sena goons, rather than going for fountain head.

Why, one ought to ask was Uddhav Thakeray not arrested for fomenting trouble, disturbing the peace of the city? Who calls the shots in Mumbai, the legally elected Govt or the Sena?

This unfortunate development, besides being a huge embarrassment both for the state and the congress led govt in the centre, would give a shot in the arm to rogue elements. They can threaten the peace and tranquillity of Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra with impunity, as if they were running a parallel govt.

Time to wake up !!!!! Mr Chavan, the show must go on. There still are a few hours left for theatres to open for the day. All may not yet be lost. Mr Chidambaram, we hope you are watching.

In an unrelated development yesterday, the self styled champion of Indian culture, Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sene had his face blackened for threatening action against errant couples found celebrating Valentine's day. That is music to our ears(not that I care a whole lot for Valentine's day, but I do care for freedom).

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