Feb 6, 2010

Should Freedom of Speech be Curbed?

The country has been witness to the verbal slugfest between the Thakerays and Rahul Gandhi and another one with Shahrukh Khan. And we have probably not seen the last of it.
Non Marathis have had to bear the brunt of verbal abuse, threats and at times violent attacks for many years now. Despite efforts from central leadership, media activism, etc. divisive politics ceases to end. The war of words continues to grow bitter. (Read earlier post 'Divide to Rule' here)
While freedom of speech is a fundamental right, the Shiv Sena and the MNS challenge the very constitution which bestows upon all its citizen, the right to choose their place of work, residence etc. Should it then not be against the law for the likes of Raj, Uddhav Thakeray and the rest of them to stir up such regional and linguistic passions in people, by making inflammatory speeches and statements?
In order to preserve the unity (what is left of it) the need of the hour, is to enact a law, if there is not one already, making it unlawful for parties like the Sena and MNS from carrying on with their ante North Indian errrrrrrr........... ante rest of India campaign. Or, if there is a law already, the same to be enforced and implemented. Haven't we had enough of hate mongering?

 If Rahul Gandhi is not welcome in Mumbai and is greeted by black flags by Shiv Sainiks, surely the Thakerays or Shiv Sainiks don't have any right to visit any other part of the country either?
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  1. It is pretty silly to stop people from saying stupid things just because it is inconvenient for some political party.

    It is this kind of quasi-fascistic political thinking engendered by Mr. Gandhi and his family that has allowed extremists gain popularity.

    Stupid people need to be given all the publicity when they say stupid things, so that the public knows their real fact. Get a clue, people, and do not go around supporting curbing freedom of speech for any reason.

  2. The right way to deal with this, is to get the Mumbai police out in force and arrest all the hooligans from Shiv Sena who are creating a public disturbance.

    "Non Marathis have had to bear the brunt of verbal abuse, threats and at times violent attacks for many years now. "

    if they yell at you, get more of your friends together in Mumbai and take out an anti-hatred rally AND yell anti-shiv-sena slogans.

    Be Smart and inform the police commisioner beforehand about the peace/anti-hatred rally before hand so that they can arrest any Shiv-sena thugs who create violence.

    You do not go around curbing a constitutional right. GET A CLUE, PEOPLE!

  3. @Anonymous
    Thanks for visiting and sorry for the delay in response. Agree with you here, the way the Police handled MNIK issue was impressive. But for how long can they keep protecting all theatres?


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