Feb 27, 2010

Union Budget & Opposition Drama

Having spent more than two hours reading the analysis of the Budget in Economic Times, I am no closer to figuring out whether to cheer or to moan. I was amazed at the number of opinions, from the financial analysts, stock brokers to political columnists et al. So I thought I would chip in with my two pennies worth(if it is worth even that).

So here goes. While the IT relief is surely welcome(albeit small), the fuel price hike is more than enough to compensate for the savings affected and possibly add to the already spiralling inflation. That pretty much is the long and short of it.

However, the behaviour of our parliamentarians is nothing short of appalling. The entire opposition rather than debating the budget, walked out en bloc in the middle of the Budget Speech. Even worse, it turns out that while the Gujrat Budget was being presented, the opposition, in this case led by Congress, decided to boycott it altogether.

Will the Indian Politicians ever improve?
Further reading: http://www.financialexpress.com/news/column-an-oily-walkout/584917/

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