Feb 9, 2010


Question : What is the full name of Obama?

Answer: Obama bin Laden!!

That must qualify as the 'Howler of the Year'. By the way, this was not an answer elicited from any five or ten year old child....................they would surely have known better. It came from one of the contestants of the new TV reality show, 'Rahul Dulhaniya le Jaayega'.

Take a look at some of the other answers from the contestants (all answers came from different contestants), who have been selected after a reasonably rigourous process not from India alone but from overseas as well (NRIs). So claim the producers of the show.

Question: Name the three brothers of Ram.

Answer: Laxman, Bharat and Sahadev.

Question: Where is Nagaland?

Answer: Colombo.

Question: Who wrote Mahabharat?

Answer: Valmiki.

Makes one wonder what kind of selection process led to such knowledgeable contestants being chosen, doesn't it.

The first one of course is a howler that I am not likely to forget in a long time. Like the judges on the show, I could not help laughing my guts out. I happened to catch this stuff by pure accident, while surfing channels. I am yet to watch a single episode of the show, but its highlights were being aired on Star News, one of the news channels which specialise in covering bollywoood and tinseltown.

These Reality shows which have hit the Indian TV space in hordes, are not only entertaining audiences with their weird and bizarre contents, they also seem to have given some of these News starved 24 X 7 News channels something to cover. So if you happened to have missed some episodes of your favourite Reality show, fikar not, you can always catch the highlights on some or the other News channel.


  1. Well it seems producer and director have taken every care to match the intellect of girls with Rahul Mahajan

  2. @Siddhartha,
    Ha Ha Ha Ha............ great.


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