Jan 28, 2010


Having given my take on the game of cricket, India's fixation with the game and how it is affecting the country's performance in other sport, I made it evident that I am no cricket fan. However, cricket being a national pastime in India, one cannot stay totally insulated from the goings on in the cricketing world. A lot has lately been said about the IPL row. In the melee of allegations and counter allegations however, it is difficult to pin point responsibility for the slip shod manner in which the auction was handled. What is certain and obvious though is that, there was certainly something fishy. Indeed the Pakistani cricketers have reason to feel aggrieved and offended. The incident in fact was threatening to derail bilateral relations between India and Pakistan which are already under severe strain post 26/11.

However, with due apology to one and all, Pakistan being a rogue state, needs to be ostracised by the international community. And there is no better country than India to spearhead such a movement. Pakistan has been a state sponsor / exporter of terrorisms and a safe haven for terrorists for many decades now. We in India have borne the brunt of their terrorist machinations for far too long. All sincere efforts by India, the Lahore Bus Yatra, Agra summit, secretary level talks..................................Aman ki Aasha have borne no fruit............ Pakistan cannot be trusted anymore to change its attitude towards India. As brought out earlier on this blog, the humiliating dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 has not been avenged, and till that happens (if it happens, which is most unlikely) Pakistan's attitude towards India is hardly likely to change.

We should have severed not only sporting ties but also diplomatic ties with Pakistan long ago. One can of course argue that sports must be kept away from politics, but no............. a country being ostracised, must be shunned internationally on all fora, sports included. Pakistanis, domestically have little to be proud of, being a part of a country that is slowly but surely heading towards anarchy and civil war. Cricket, Hockey and Squash are a few games in which Pakistan has fared reasonably well historically. In an otherwise dismal and gloomy environment, any success on the sporting arena, gives its people something to cheer about and take pride in. Even Parvez Musharraf in his book 'In the Line of Fire' took pride in the fact that the Pakis beat India in Delhi (only in a game of Cricket albeit) while he was watching, in Feroze Shah Kotla stadium. Of late many cricketing nations have been shying away from visiting Pakistan to play matches due to the prevalent security environment. It's reputation as a host for cricket matches was battered beyond redemption post the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore(bold of the Lankans to have ventured to play in Pakistan in the first place). Thanks to the IPL controversy, rather than India refusing to send its players to Pakistan, they refused to send their Kabaddi team for a scheduled event, taking umbrage to the treatment of its cricketers by IPL. What cheek !!!!!!!!!! Start your own PPL guys and let us see how many international cricketers volunteer to play in it.

Now, the Indian Home Minister has spoken in conciliatory tones and the aggrieved Pak cricketers seem to be assuaged as well. Though Mr Chidambaram is well meaning, nothing good is going to come out of it all. The Pakistani state (not the cricketers) should have been left smarting and licking their wounds like they deserve................... Diplomatic and civil behaviour (with Pakistan) be damned.

Kudos! Mr Modi, you have done what the Indian government could not, but should have done..................... Ostracised Pak cricketers.

P.S. IPL controversy might have triggered the cease fire violations by Pak on the occasion of our Republic day.

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