Jan 21, 2010


Racist attacks on Indians on foreign soil, which happen with amazing regularity, never cease to make news headlines alongside the cacophony of opinion, condemnation and outrage from the public, media and the Government. It is natural and justified. However these attacks on Indians are surely being justified by the local residents, or a fair proportion of them, be they in Australia, UK or the US. After all, migrant Indians are snatching the much needed jobs out of the hands of local residents, especially at a time when the world is grappling with the worst recession in almost a century. While the migrant Indians being attacked are not illegal, and their immigration has the approval of the concerned government, there is no international law or convention that assures or guarantees a person taking up a livelihood anywhere in the world irrespective of nationality.

On the other hand, in our very own 'aamchi Mumbai' the commercial capital of India, Maharashtra Government is about to make it compulsory for cabbies to be able to read, write and speak Marathi. And that, in addition to the requirement of being a domicile for at least fifteen years. A retrograde step for Indian democracy, wouldn't you say !! And till now we thought this kind of language was only spoken by the likes of Shiv Sena and MNS(read my earlier post 'Unity in Diversity'). The so called progressive political party with the likes of the young dynamic and charismatic leader Mr Rahul Gandhi are not above such petty and populist measures. Maharashtra or might I say India, is much worse than the Aussies. While the Aussies are attacking foreigners, Maharashtra is attacking its own countrymen. Worse, centre is letting it do so. While the Indian government is hardening its stance towards Australia, it is alarming that the centre or the central party leadership is mum on the subject. If anything, one of the party spokespersons Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi could be seen on TV lamely trying to justify the unjustifiable. Link

At this rate a few decades hence, migrants might require a work permit within the Indian Union. And ultimately, who knows, a fragmented India???????????

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