Jan 30, 2010

Gul Panag takes on COAS

Well ! Well! Well! Look what we have here now. The Panags strike back.

Remember, Lt Gen HS Panag, who succeeded Gen Deepak Kapoor as the GOC-in-C Northern Command, was prematurely posted out to Central Command much to the chagrin of the former. Media reports at the time suggested that the move was a result of certain inquiries instituted by Lt Gen Panag, (who carried the reputation of being an honest and upright officer) on dubious procurements during Gen Kapoor's tenure as the GOC-in-C. Well maybe Lt Gen Panag should have taken a voluntary exit at the time rather than succumb to what he perceived as unwarranted pressure from the COAS and MOD??????? That could and would have been seen to be in line with his reputation. He met the Defence Minister too in this connection remember. Link.

Now that Gen Kapoor has got egg all over his face having been forced to act against his alleged buddy, Gul chose to get even with her dad's tormentor through her tweets which read:

    " I would protect someone if I had something to fear from disclosure. Two, if I am an accomplice. And three, if I am spineless. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is sadly all three."

And further:

    "That's a first. MOD had to step in as Chief of Army Staff continued his stand of trying to protect the said generals. Now WHY was he protecting them? COAS saving his buddy's neck as he is in all likelihood equally dirty"

By the way, Lt Gen Panag has a thing or two to tweet on the subject as well.

Most Interesting and amusing.

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