Jan 25, 2010


Now the Gujrat High court has ruled that India does not have a National language. Link.

The ruling is another step towards division of the country. So far the privilege of promoting division on different lines was an exclusive preserve of the politicians. Now we have the judiciary joining its ranks. How one must wonder, can a court of law, which is supposed to be responsible only for interpretation of laws and pass judgement, give such a ruling. This should have been the domain of the executive, wouldn't you say?

However, such rulings irrespective of their legality are not healthy in a country as diverse as India, which is already divided on lines of language, culture, caste, religion etc. Every passing day in fact we have a new demand for further division. .........khand, ........land, ..........gana ............garh etc.

Also read 'Divide to Rule' and 'Country Divided'.

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