Jan 6, 2009


And finally India hands over Mumbai evidence to Pakistan.  We have been accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in India for decades, but never has evidence been handed over to them with such fanfare. Given the fact that Pakistan has been crying their throats hoarse for evidence of their complicity in the Mumbai carnage, to be handed over to them, what is the reaction of Pakistan going to be this time? Is Pakistan to go into denial mode yet again? Surely it would love to do that, but is it any different from the numerous other similar occasions in the past? We certainly hope it is.

Well, things do look a lot different this time. As one of the commentators so succinctly put it, three things went wrong for Pakistan on this particular occasion:-

(a)    Amongst other foreign nationals who got killed, there were American citizens too.

(b)   One of the terrorists, Kasab was captured alive. Surely, he was expected either to get killed or to disappear.

(c)    Indian armed forces did not reciprocate to the unilateral mobilization of Pakistan Army, post 26/11.

Is the evidence handed over, sufficient to nail Pakistan into accepting alleged involvement of Pakistan nationals, if not the Pakistani state? From what can be gathered, the evidence comprises primarily of the following:-

(a)    Kasab’s confession.

(b)   Transcripts of satellite phone conversations between the terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan.

(c)    Details about weapons and other articles recovered from the terrorists. 

In all probability, Pakistan this time, would argue that the evidence was not admissible in a court of law, particularly a Pakistani court of law. Laws do differ from country to country and their interpretation is subject to being twisted and turned to suit one’s convenience. And so, I am certain that Pakistan would do just that to get out of the hole that they find themselves in today. After all accepting the Indian evidence would be a huge embarrassment. It would be easy for them to claim that Kasab’s confession could have been made under duress. Phone taps were doctored. And the weapons came from China, not Pakistan.

So it really boils down to international pressure, particularly from the US and UK as they directly or indirectly control the purse strings that Pakistan is in desperate need of. Americans are known to be self centred. So, is it in their interest to push Pakistan, and if yes to what extent? The irony is that the US is fighting its global war on terror from the very fountainhead of terrorism. And who equipped the Pakis to become that fountainhead? U……….. S…….. of A……….  Fortunately for India though, for a change this time, Pakistan’s key ally over the years, is apparently on India’s side this time.

There is a very important lesson here for all nation states. In Hindi there is a saying, “jo doosron ke liye gaddha khodta hai wo khud usme gir jaata hai”. India is supposed to have trained the Tamil Tigers, who later gave the Indian forces a bloody nose in battle. USA sponsored and equipped the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, who later gave birth to Al Qaeda and perpetrated the barbaric 9/11. ISI has been sponsoring terror for decades. Will 26/11 teach them the lesson that should have been learnt from Aesop’s fables or the Panchtantra tales? Is India on the threshold of its greatest diplomatic achievement ever? We can only wait and watch.



  1. Pakistani politicians survive on anti-India rhetoric and the denial from them to the evidence given by India was a foregone conclusion.

    But what do we do with the likes of AR Antulay who would like people to believe that Hemant Karkare and other police officers accompanying him were killed by Hindu terrorist whose involvement in Malegaon blast was being probed by him. The line adopted by AR Antulay instead of being condemned was infact taken up by politicians such as Digvijay Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan and Fatimi among others. I won't be surprised if Amar Singh starts crying for amnesty for Kasab after a few months and even offers some distant relative of Kasab a ticket for fighting elections.

  2. @ Anonymous,
    These are the unfortunate side effects of being a Democracy. Particularly Indian Democracy is besieged with instances of such irresponsible statements from one or the other politician from time to time.


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