Jan 21, 2009


    The World was witness to the much anticipated change of guard at the White House yesterday, amidst an ostentatious display of pomp, glitter and ceremony, the likes of which has not been witnessed before. However the cool composed, charismatic and relatively young black American who has charmed his way into people's hearts the world over, has a handful awaiting him, both domestically and internationally. During the ceremony, President Obama looked cool, composed, supremely confident and charming. In short, he was his usual self. And he finished off the swearing ceremony with a flourish : an outstanding speech, full of hope and promise. And finally, music, song and dance through the night. Though it appears to me that the speech had certain serious omissions like a mention of how he planned extricate the country from its current economic mess and a specific comment on the War in Afghanistan, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. …………But to be fair to him, news of his new policies on Pakistan, and in particular their responsibilities against terror outfit on the Afghan border are beginning to trickle in, as I write this piece.

    Never before in history has America, or for that matter the entire world awaited an event with such high expectations, anticipation and probably hope. However the challenges that confront the President are daunting to say the least. A recession of a kind the world has not witnessed since the great Depression, the spectre of terrorism always looming large for America, the American Army being embroiled in an endless struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. Not to mention of course that one of America's greatest enemies 'Osama' is still at large.

    History will not judge President Obama by the opulent vibrancy of the Presidential Inauguration but by the results of his Presidency. The American people did not judge Obama by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Thus bringing the nation closer to realizing Dr King's utopian dream. What a moment it would have been for Dr Martin Luther King to see Obama, assume the greatest office, which not only America, but the World has to offer. I sincerely hope he was watching the day's proceedings from his heavenly abode. The 44th President however, may be the leader of his people today, but today is irrelevant compared to where America ends up tomorrow and in the years ahead. And Mr Obama might have just four years to live up to the unprecedented hope and expectations of the American people.

    Can he do it? Can he once and for all prove to the World that color, creed or race, and competence are mutually exclusive? We certainly hope so. Let's hope, pray and wish The President all the very best. May the almighty bless him with the strength and wisdom to make his country and the entire world a safer, better and more peaceful place to live in.

    God be with you, Mr President.


  1. Well said. We all hope he is measured in his actions as he is with his words.

  2. @Mohan
    Thanks a lot Raj. Your blog is getting prettier and more interesting by the day. and i must complement the regularity of the posts. Though my guess is that its Mrs Rajmohan's efforts that need to be applauded. Do convey the same to her with my regards.


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