Feb 10, 2009


It was a convincing series win for India in Sri Lanka. Cricket is not by a long way my favourite sport, and I did point that out in my earlier post 'Cricket and the Olympic medal.' But for good or for bad, Cricket in India, is a national pastime. So how can I keep myself completely cut off from the national mainstream? And to be honest the 20-20 format of the game is fun to watch. And today's match against Sri Lanka was indeed a cracker. I don't remember the last time the Indians put up such a spectacular show, winning a series so convincingly, especially on foreign soil.

My heartiest congratulations to the 'Men in Blue' for a most convincing victory in the series. Full marks to the Pathan brothers in particular for having played a cameo role in today's dramatic win.

However I was shocked to see the flamboyant Yuvraj Singh come out to the field to receive prizes(surely he knew he was due to get a few prizes) that he probably richly deserves, in shorts………………………………… and more shockingly bathroom slippers.

Come on man! Grow up. The country is watching you. You think you are Cool. I think you are a Fool.


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  2. Thanks Rinki, if You want to read my views on cricket, read my post at http://maverickindianmusings.blogspot.com/2008/10/cricket-and-olympic-medal.html.
    Look fwd to seeing you around again.


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