Feb 12, 2009


Well, well, well! Look what we have here. An admission of complicity, if only partial, in the Mumbai carnage from Pakistan.

Well that is some diplomatic coup for the Indian establishment. One can be sure that this admission from Pakistan did not come easy. It is in fact a result of sustained effort, persuasion, diplomatic efforts, posturing at the highest levels…………………………sam, dam, dand, bhed not only by India but almost the entire International community. In particular, pressure from countries like the USA, UK, France etc. is what has resulted in this admission. And mind you, it must be at the cost of incurring the wrath of all the fundamentalist elements in Pakistan that this admission has come.

A sense of despondency was already beginning to set in to the Indian psyche. Nevertheless, better late than never. Faced with the dismal prospect of being ostracised from the international community especially the western world, Pakistan which is at the very edge of financial collapse, should aid from the World Bank not be forthcoming, had very little choice. However it would not have been surprising if the Pakistani establishment had chosen to defy the world and stick to its erstwhile stand. Fanaticism after all runs deep not only in the Pakistani populace, but also in the Pakistani establishment.

Credit in fact is due to the Pakistan government for having made this landmark admission given the kind of pressures that the government must have faced from the multiple centres of power in the country.

Let's all hope that this heralds the turning of a new leaf in Indo – Pak relations, which would favour both countries. However, given its past track record, I would be very surprised if this turned out to be a real change of heart. In all probability, Pakistan has been forced to make this admission, but it won't be long before they fall back to their old ways and its business as usual for the Jehadis and Taliban being nurtured in the country. History of the sub continent tells us that India alone cannot exert the kind of pressure on Pakistan, that is required to keep the rogue elements in check. The onus now, lies squarely on the International community, to keep the pressure up, and ensure cleansing of this rogue state. Any let up on this account would only be, at their own peril.

For more on BBC : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7885261.stm

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