Dec 2, 2008


Major terrorist strikes in different parts of the country this year have occurred on the following dates:

·         13 May : Jaipur. Simultaneous bomb blasts at eight different sites, including a crowded shopping site and a Hanuman temple, a self-styled Indian Mujahideen, (a collaboration of LeT & SIMI) claimed responsibility.

·         Jul 26 : AhmedabadA series of seventeen blasts killing 49 and injuring 160 people.

·         Sep 13 :  Delhi. A series of 5 bombs exploded in Delhi, killing 30 and injuring 90.

·         Nov 26 : MumbaiGunmen opened fire at eight different sites in an apparent coordinated attack. The terrorists wielded automatic weapons and attacked locations including a train station, hotels, restaurants, a police station, and a hospital. Some gunmen took hostages and high military grade explosives (RDX) were found near by.

Can you spot a pattern? ………………………………………. Suspected Islamic terrorists have struck on the 13th  and 26th of alternate months.

Is it a pattern or merely coincidence? Is my mind playing games? If it is a pattern, the next strike may be expected on 13 Jan 2009. I sincerely hope not. There have been other terrorist strikes in between as well:

·         Jul 25 : BangaloreA series of nine blasts kills 2 and injures 20 people.

·         Sep 27 : South Delhi. Two weeks from the day of serial blasts killing 30, another bomb was detonated in a market in the Mehrauli district killing three and injuring 23.

·         Oct 01 : AgartalaThree bombs exploded in the insurgency-racked North-East India. Police said they suspected Muslim militant groups based in Bangladesh for the blasts in the Radhanagar and Gulbazar areas of Tripura's capital.

·         Oct 30 :  Assam. A series of 13 blasts occurred in and around Guwahati.

The incidents above do not show a pattern. (or do they?) The last two above could have been perpetrated by separatist insurgents, though Muslim groups as suspects have not been ruled out. Jehadists /SIMI activists are definitely suspected to have perpetrated the bomb attacks on Jul 25, Bangalore and Sep 27, Delhi. Is that of any significance as far as the pattern goes?

Tell me what you think?

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