Sep 4, 2010

Pak’s Tainted Trio: Tip of the Iceberg?

Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Test captain Salman Butt are in the dock in the spot fixing scandal. Mazhar Majeed is to blame for having been careless enough to let himself be filmed accepting loads of cash ………………. And thus Pakistan Cricket finds itself in the midst of a fresh controversy. Nothing new there.
However who is to say that others including Indian cricketers are not involved in match fixing. Leading Indian cricketers like Navjot Sidhu, Azharudding, Jadeja, Prabhakar ……………have been accused of it in the past and its difficult to imagine that the current lot would be any better. And so would be the case with cricketers of other countries. A leading Indian bookie has alleged that India Sri Lanka Rajkot ODI was fixed.
The fact of the matter is that match fixing accusations are extremely difficult to prove and in almost any sport, it is next to impossible to differentiate between the real and fake. Sports like Wrestling, the WWE variety are known to be rigged, but still are hugely popular. Davydenko, a tennis player who has been in the world top 10 for close to a decade was accused of fixing. Is Davydenko, who is a multimillionaire, short of money.
Was it not Gandhi who said, “There is enough in the world for everyone’s needs, but not enough in the world for one man’s greed.”
 Mohammad Amir (centre) and Mohammad Asif (back) arrive at the Pakistan High Commission.


  1. I wish atleast games were free of corruption


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