Aug 3, 2009

Grand Indian Tamasha

I am not much for watching soaps on the tube, but at times I am forced to watch some of these bores, cuz my better half is watching. No, not only watching, she is even discussing it with me.
So it was, that I saw this tamasha of a fully faltoo Rakhi ka Swayamvar, and got an update from my wife whenever I could not watch.
Well, what can I say, it sure beats me to see the crazy ways in which imagination is running riot in the minds of these producers of reality shows. Each one of these shows beats the other hollow in being rotten! wouldn’t you say. And as for Rakhi, she sure knows that it would be too much for her to succeed in meaningful Cinema, or TV, so why not make a spectacle out of herself.
And if that were not enough, we have a whole bunch of even more faltoo News channels covering this absurd event in Prime time News.
However, I do feel like making a prediction, “before a year of the two cartoons(Rakhi and whatever his name is the guy with a beard which makes him look more like a goat than a man) getting married(if at all) they are sure to get divorced.
I cannot but feel sorry for the generation which has come to this world in the times of Reality TV.


  1. SK there is a silver lining in the cloud. I believe that in this mad craze to enhance ratings they will end up chasing people away from the idiot box eventually. Just like the stock market mania before crash and every other phenomena .. its bound to fall. Already there is a debate and lot of homes choose to keep the TV out for the better of their kids .. this will become the norm (lets hope!). News ..& "breaking the News" with every second breaking news is sheer rubbish, that is not worth gossip let alone prime time news. A news paper is much better ... The likes of Arnab are best left shouting in channels that you are not tuned to !

  2. Well said, i like the bit on Arnab.............. And i do sincerely hope our prediction comes true.


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