May 25, 2008

Why this Blog

I was just reading today, Ms Shobha De's column in Times of India on how famous actors of Bollywood are using their personal blogs for mud slinging. I have been thinking of a permanent place under the sun to store my random thoughts without the fear of losing or misplacing them. Many a times while on the net, i use notepad to copy stuff that i would like to store for later reading. And before i have had the time to read it i have lost it either by accidental deletion or hard disk crash or change of PC........ Mind you, I have no intentions of using this blog for mud slinging.
So here i start with my Blog.
By the way i am a serving Army Officer of the Indian Army with 21 yrs of service. I applied for premature retirement from service, last year but the Army is refusing to let me quit. Makes me feel like labor. i thought we were living in a free country. Its not much use living in a free country where one does not even have the freedom to choose where one wants to work.

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