Jul 12, 2015


I wrote this poem for my son, on the eve of his departure for his higher studies in Management a few days ago:

The bundle of joy born in the nineties
Taller than his dad in his twenties.
How we look back upon the days gone by
He is and will remain the apple of our eye.
That complete surrender to the embrace of his dad
Confident that his arms are as protective as can be had.
That there can’t be a bed, cosier than Mom’s lap
The touch and feel of his body so tender
Would arouse such emotions was indeed a wonder.
It’s amazing how time has flown
How the little one has grown.
Taller than his dad, not so innocent any more.
Exposed to the elements and the big bad world
Our arms are too small for him to lay curled.
Now he leaves for his professional learning
May Goddess Saraswati unto him shower her blessing.
May the Almighty give unto him
More than we could, through thick and thin.
Go my boy and face the world
Battle all odds and for the record
Let it be known to the world at large
That you have it in you to lead the charge
Towards happiness and success, in that order

Grab all the glory that lies ahead and yonder.

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